NMEA Monitor for Windows
Screen Shot

1.Main form

Main menu
File : Print, Copy, Start Replay, Start Recording, Exit.
Tool : GPS Command/Report, Average display, Time lag of GPS to PC, Clock Synchronization.
Option : Option setting, Version.
Language : Japanese, English, Font.

2.Main form (Replay mode)

Replay button
<  : Playback reverse(Increment speed).
-  : Step reverse.
|| : Pause.
+  : Step forward.
>  : Playback forward(Increment speed).

The drug doing the slider of TrackBar, it can move the playback point.

3.Main form (GPS+Glonass mode)

4.Main form (GPS+BeiDou mode)

5.GPS Command/Report form

Form size can be resized.

6.Average form


7.Time lag of GPS to PC form

8.Option form

The "GPS name" of a GPS receiver can add or delete by the user.

9.Advanced options

10.Scan serial port

Detect mode : NMEA, SiRF-Binary, UBX-Binary.

11.Option form (TCP)

12.Option form (Location API)

13.Unsupported sentence display form

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