Columbus P-10 Pro report
Firmware 2.2
1.It may take more than 30 seconds for MicroSD to be recognized after USB connection (usually within 4 seconds).
2.MicroSD remains recognized even after the USB memory is ejected (no error occurs even if it is removed).
   Positioning status is not recorded.
4.The date and time in the CSV log are numbers without separators, and the year is only the last two digits (the format is yymmdd,hhmmss).
5.Since the time of CSV and GPX logs is in units of 1 second, the same time is output 5 times in the case of 5Hz log.
   The same time is output about 20 times per hour even with a log interval of 1 second.
6.NMEA output and NMEA log sentences are only GGA and RMC, and the positioning status is only 2 types of positioning "Invalid" and "SPS fix".
7.The time of GGA sentences of NMEA output via USB is 1 second behind RMC (0.2 seconds behind when output at 5 Hz).
    "Tool" -> "Time lag of GPS to PC" in "NMEA Monitor for windows"
8.Static navigation (Clamping function) is enabled.
   The latitude and longitude are locked when the speed is less than about 1 km/h, and when the speed increases, the completion is output at intervals of about 8.5 m Max at once.
   Therefore, the time for the log position is incorrect.
   Even if the direction is changed while moving at low speed, the starting and ending points seem to be complemented in a straight line.
   For this reason, it is not suitable for applications such as obtaining the coordinates of a specific position or low-speed drift recording of floating islands.
   Cannot turn off static navigation because it does not accept NMEA commands.

   Data comparison of P-10 Pro (1Hz log) and ZED-F9P (CLAS) during low speed movement
   Locus on map
   Elapsed time and moving distance.
9.Occasionally, pressing the power button and POI button at the same time may not work (resolved by pressing the reset hole).
10.The power button is a little hard to push.
11.Batteries are not replaceable.
12.Difference in tracks according to holding position (Overhead and Breast pocket).

Improvement requestt
   Addition of option to disable static navigation (Clamping function).
   Even if static navigation is enabled, update the latitude and longitude after moving about 5 meters.
   Want to add to CSV log: Time in 0.1 second units, GPS status, battery level.
   Completely remove the USB memory and stabilize the recognition time when connecting.

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