NMEA statistics Ver 2.15
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What new.
1. Prevented the abnormal termination by FEP ON/OFF on Windows 11 version 22H2 Japanese version.
    This problem has been resolved by the following Windows Update.
    2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5020044)
NMEA statistics Ver 2.14
1. Changed the DGPS(%) display in the "Average" group box to an optional aggregate condition.
    Clicking on a caption opens the options setup form.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.13
1. NMEA sentences GQxxx and GIxxx were supported.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.12
1. RTCM3 messages are now deleted from NMEA log input.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.11
1. The display format of average latitude and longitude can be selected in the option form (dd mm ss.sss <-> dd.ddddddd).
2. Fixed a bug of automatic setting of the number of decimal places of the average altitude.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.10
1. Added support for exponential format in CSV input. Example) 1.23456E+03
2. Supported the RTKLIB output file ".pos" separated by spaces.
3. Supported the daily coordinate value file ".pos" of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
4. When the input data does not include Quality, the optional Quality setting is ignored.
5. Hourglass is now displayed while updating the graph.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.09
August 8, 2019: Version information was embedded in the executable file.
1. If the file with the extension name ".txt" is not NMEA, it is retried as a CSV file.
2. Data files are now opened in ReadOnly mode.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.08
1. Supported ISO 8601 format with Date/Time format of CSV input (eg "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ").
NMEA statistics Ver 2.07
1. The Open/Save dialog is displayed in the center of the main form.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.06
1. Supported multiple displays.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.05
1. Added a 64bit version.
2. Implemented countermeasures for display with a high DPI display.
    By rewriting the manifest with ChangeMani.exe, it becomes possible to display reduced images with a high DPI display.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.04
1. $GBRMC, $GBGGA sentence supported.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.03
1. Added progress display to taskbar icon (Windows 7 and later).
2. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.2 Starter.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.02
1. Fixed a bug that does not load option settings if True coodinates is not set (Ver2.01 only).
NMEA statistics Ver 2.01
1. The character code of the configuration file was changed to Unicode (Does not change existing settings file).
2. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.1 Berlin.
3. The character code of the document was changed to UTF-8.
NMEA statistics Ver 2.00
1. It accept NMEA v4.1.
2. Reduced the false detection of the MTK binary.
3. The compiler was changed to Delphi XE8.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.30
1. Added VDOP and PDOP to optional "NMEA,CSV" group box.
    URL of a document was corrected (June 14, 2016).
NMEA statistics Ver 1.29
1. $GPGNS, $GLGNS and the $GBGNS sentence in addition to $GNGNS were supported.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.28
1. The CSV file output of the mean value that specified the span and the step was enabled.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.27
1. Latitude longitude format dd mm ss.sss and ddーmm'ss.sss" of CSV was processed.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.26
1. The error at the Start-time by an illegal RMC sentence was prevented.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.25
1. Label of the result display was changed to Edit (Select & Copy were possible).
2. The pop-up menu by right-clicking of the mouse was abolished.
3. The input format 12ー34' 56".789 was accepted.
4. A numeric input of the exponential notation was enabled.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.24
1. The Galileo sentence was supported.
2. "Mode Indicator" of two or more characters was supported for the GNGNS sentence.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.23
1. When an option setup is changed, it redraws automatically.
2. A subform display position was not fixed.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.22
1. The CSV file and ".pos" file of RTKLIB were supported.
2. The Fix quality condition was added to NMEA and CSV.
3. The setting of the HDOP upper bound was moved to an Option form.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.21
1. An option setting form was added.
2. The font setting menu was added.
3. ON/OFF of the automatic range was enabled.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.20
1. The user can specify true coordinates.
2. The digit number below the decimal point in the latitude longitude and the altitude
    was able to be specified by the configuration file.
3. The range of the graph display has been enhanced to 1mm to 10,000km.
4. The display range of the graph was set up automatically.
5. The drawing pixel was able to be selected from 1(1x1) to 25(5x5) pixel.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.19
1. The BDS(BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) sentence was supported
NMEA statistics Ver 1.18
1. Numerical precision shortage of the CSV output was corrected.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.17
1. Unjust operation when data size is excessive was corrected.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.16
1. ".ubx" was added to the extension name of default.
2. The file of the unregistered extension name was tried as NMEA.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.15
1. Reading NMEA and the CSV file was changed to the BlockRead procedure
    (The text where the end of line contained only Cr or Lf and Null was supported).
2. Percent display of reading the text was added (Reading is aborted with the Esc key).
3. When limited a count range, the range of the graph indication linked.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.14
1. A font size "Count range" form has been adjusted.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.13
1. When DPI on the display was changed, the layout was maintained
    (The adjustment of the fontsize is necessary).
2. An optional font was made to become to effective in "Reduce" and the "CountRange" form.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.12
1. The tolerance was improved to the lack of the NMEA input line.
2. The gradation scale of the graph was added.
3. The range of the graph gradation scale was able to be specified by the configuration file.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.11
1. Progress of 2drms was added to the CSV output in "Save to CSV with error".
2. The range of the calculation was able to be specified at the time.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.10
1. The NMEA sentence where the number of items was insufficient was disregarded.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.09
1. "(GLONASS+QZSS)" was adding displayed in reports of the number of use satellites.
2. The HDOP limitation function was added.
3. The recount menu was added.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.08
1. Processing when the longitude stepped over +-180 degrees was corrected.
2. "N-S err" and "E-W err" of the CSV output were made with the sign.
3. The unit of the speed of the CSV output was changed from knot to km/h.
4. The time of the CSV output was made "Date + time" (It can specify by a configuration file).
5. The upper bound value to be judged the mean value of each DOP and the peak value was
    able to be specified by the configuration file (The default value is 99.0).
NMEA statistics Ver 1.07
1. Time was adding displayed in the maximum value of the error to the mean value in the
    horizontal and vertical direction.
2. An optional output of the error from the mean value at an altitude and the horizontal position
    can be added to the CSV output.
3. The number of decimals of the CSV output was able to be specified by the configuration file.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.06
1. The display of the peak value of the error from average value was added
     (Horizontal and Altitude).
NMEA statistics Ver 1.05
1. Sentence $GNGGA, $GNRMC, and $GNGNS were supported.
2. The bug that used the HDOP frequency for the average frequency of VDOP and
    PDOP was corrected.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.04
1. It corresponds to extension name ".nma".
    The correspondence extension name was able to be specified by the configuration file.
2. The "Reduce" form was displayed at the center of the main form.
3. The dialog was displayed at the center of the form.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.03
1. A defect of MemoryStream processing was corrected.
2. Scale preservation reading of a track graph was corrected.
3. The indication point of Reduce dialogue was made the desktop center.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.02 Feb. 2008
1. The thinning out function of the CSV output was added.
2. In order to be able to process with NMEA2KMZ, the item name of 1st line of CSV output
   was modified.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.01 Feb. 2008
1. Added a CSV file output function.
2. Measures when the configuration file was in a read-only folder were added.
3. The processing of the parameter of E/W in the longitude of the GGA sentence was corrected.
NMEA statistics Ver 1.00 beta Oct. 2007
Beta version