NMEA Generator Ver 2.19 (2,783,871 bytes)
MD5: 9f2c4eaaaeb714456e36078fe9cfddbe
Upload: Jun. 15, 2024
What New
1. The speed of the RMC sentences was set to zero when idling.
2. Improved TCP server close process.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.18
1. Allows individual selection of Mode display data for RMC.
    By default, it is the same as the "GPS Quality" of the GGA sentence.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.17
1. Added a command line option to display the configuration file name in the main form caption.
2. 64-bit and 32-bit versions included.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.16
1. Added a command line option to start sending NMEA sentences automatically at startup.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.15
1. User specified NMEA sentence prefix can be selected.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.14
1. Fixed a bug of HDOP setting value in NMEA-0183 Ver4.1
NMEA Generator Ver 2.13
1. Increased the upper limit of the number of GSA sentences from 2 to 5.
2. Increased the upper limit of the number of GSV sentences from 10 to 30.
3. The initial value of "Preset4" was changed for 2 frequency GPS.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.12
August 8, 2019: Version information was embedded in the executable file.
1. The Open/Save dialog is displayed in the center of the main form.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.11
1. Supported multiple displays.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.10
1. Enabled to correspond to reduced display on High DPI display by ChangeMani.exe.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.09
1. It became possible to save and load course setting data to CSV file.
    Drag and drop of course setting data CSV file was made possible.
2. Added TCP server function.
3. Unit change changed to speed only.
    Altitude and geoid are fixed to meters(m) (for compatibility with NMEA data).
NMEA Generator Ver 2.08
1. Fixed a bug that the progress bar does not work in case of speed with last span.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.07
1. Added button for loading configuration file.
2. The setting file name in use is now displayed in the upper right of the form.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.06
1. Enbug fix: Processing when the "Jump" button is clicked in case of speed present in the last span.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.05
1. Fixed "Division by zero" error when clicking "Jump" button in the last span.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.04
1. Fixed a bug that abnormally ends at startup when the serial port of the setting file does not exist.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.03
1. Added progress display to taskbar icon (Windows 7 and later).
2. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.2 Starter.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.02
1. Increased the DropDownCount value of the "Period" and "Geoid" combo box.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.01
1. Supported the "Navigation Status" output of NMEA 4.1 (RMC, GNS).
2. The character code of the configuration file was changed to Unicode (Does not change existing settings file).
3. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.1 Berlin.
4. The character code of the document was changed to UTF-8.
NMEA Generator Ver 2.00
1. The prefix of the NMEA sentence was to be able to select.
2. It allowed the output of HDT sentence.
3. Fixed the typo of configuration file.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.18
1. The digit number was able to be specified at less than second of the NMEA sentence of time.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.17
1. The font of the option was applied to "GSA, GSV" and "NMEA sentence" form.
2. The position of the vertical direction of each Label was set to the center.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.16
1. When DPI on the display was changed, the layout was maintained
    (The adjustment of the fontsize is necessary).
NMEA Generator Ver 1.15
1. Change of geoid height was made to be outputted in real time.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.14 Apr. 30, 2013
1. When GSA and the GSV sentence with checksum were given, checksum was not added.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.13 Apr. 28, 2013
1. The mistake of the direction of deviation of "Course/Magnetic" of the GPVTG sentence was corrected.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.12 Mar. 25, 2013
1. The output of GLL, VTG, and the ZDA sentence was added.
2. "Magnetic variation" of the RMC sentence was able to be specified by the configuration file
    (Apply to the VTG sentence).
3. "Local zone hours & minutes" of the ZDA sentence was able to be specified by the configuration file.
4. The output under the second of UTC was changed into OFF by the default.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.11 Mar. 2, 2013
1. The number of maximum tracks was able to be specified by the configuration file (Default is 50).
    The scrollbar was added to the string grid.
2. The configuration file was arranged.
    The DGPS status was separated from the [Option] section to the [DGPS] section.
    The Data section was separated to [GSAGSV] and [Track].
    Track information was brought together in one line per point.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.10 Feb. 2013
1. The GNGNS sentence was added.
2. The output of two GSA and ten GSV was enabled.
3. $GNGGA and $GNRMC were able to be output instead of $GPGGA and $GPRMC.
4. The course point has been increased to six points.
5. The progress bar was added.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.09 Dec. 2012
1. The setting of "DGPS age" and "DGPS-ID" of the GGA sentence was enabled.
    You can set it in [Option] section of configuration file "NMEAGEN.ini".
NMEA Generator Ver 1.08 Jul. 2011
1. Measures when the configuration file was in a read-only folder were added.
2. Kilo was corrected to the lower-case.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.07
1. The distance was precisely calculated.
2. The NMEA sending was stopped for the "Jump" button click when idling.
NMEA Generator Ver 1.06 Oct. 2007
1. "Course/True north" = 0 when idling was abolished.
2. Manual supplement.
NMEA Generator Ver1.05 Oct. 2007
1. When the speed was filled in on the last course data, it was made to return to the starting point.
2. The number of digits below the decimal point of the distance report was adjusted according to the value.
3. The repeat-output function was added.
4. "Jump" under idling was enabled.
NMEA Generator Ver1.04 Sep. 2007
1. The display of the distance and the time required was added (present span/total).
2. The mistake of the span number of partitions was corrected.
NMEA Generator Ver1.03 Sep. 2007
1. Setting had made it succeed before when it was drag & drop of the configuration file,
   the port number, the baud rate, and the display position were blanks.
2. In addition correction of detail.
NMEA Generator Ver1.02 Sep. 2007
1. The font can have been specified by the configuration file.
2. After the serial port had been opened, an effective port was acquired again.
3. It was corrected not to have preserved the RMC mode in the configuration file.
4. The number of digits of integer part of latitude was fixed to four digits and
   the number of digits of integer part in the longitude was fixed to five digits.
NMEA Generator Ver1.01 Sep. 2007
1. Calculation of "Track made good, degrees true" of a RMC sentence was re-calculated for
   every point (Course of the true north standard).