NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.37
Upload: Feb. 25, 2023 (1,705,093 bytes)
MD5: e254f92db5f7a0b22f1097aa75f18676 (2,130,870 bytes) 64bit Windows only
MD5: 7d528ffb5c4c48f38dda32ff9df51a42

What new
1. Supported POI of CSV log of Columbus P-10 pro (Supports tag characters for multiple models).
2. Abnormal termination countermeasures for FEP ON/OFF have been abolished.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.36
1. Japanese geoid model "GSIGEO 2011 ver2.1" was added to the menu.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.35
1. Prevented the abnormal termination by FEP ON/OFF on Windows 11 version 22H2 Japanese version.
    This problem has been resolved by the following Windows Update.
    2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5020044)
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.34
1. Prevented abnormal termination when reading an invalid ".fit" log file.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.33
1. Canmore GP-102 ".fit" log file can be read.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.32
1. Fixed a bug in which the first date of the output data could be incorrect when using NMEA input.
    This occurs when the UTC date changes and the GGA sentence precedes the RMC sentence.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.31
1. NMEA sentences GQxxx and GIxxx were supported.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.30
1. Fixed a bug that the direction of KMZ and KML direction icon is incorrect when there is a time reversal of more than 1 hour in the log file.
    Example) When a fallback due to full memory occurs in the log overwrite mode.
2. Changed the initial size of the direction icon to 0.7 (existing settings are not changed).
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.29
1. Added support for exponential format in CSV input. Example) 1.23456E+03
2. Supported the RTKLIB output file ".pos" separated by spaces.
3. Supported the daily coordinate value file ".pos" of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
4. Changed the initial number of digits below the decimal point (existing settings are not changed).
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.28
1. Added the function to enlarge the altitude of KMZ and KML output.
    Useful for checking unevenness in urban areas in 3D.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.27
1. Changed "Ground level" setting to "Antenna height".
2. Added explanation to the numerical value displayed in the "Quality" pull-down list of the Mask condition.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.26
August 8, 2019: Version information was embedded in the executable file.
1. QSTARZ's QTravel CSV file was supported (VALID -> "FIXED").
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.25
1. Supported ISO 8601 format with Date/Time format of CSV input (eg "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ").
2. When "Output in Local time" is checked, the time stamps of KML, KMZ and GPX are modified to the following format.
    KML, KMZ: <TimeStamp><when>yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss±hh:mm</when></TimeStamp>
    GPX: <time>yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss±hh:mm</time>
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.24
1. The Open/Save dialog is displayed in the center of the main form.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.23
1. Supported multiple displays.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.22
1. Added a 64bit version.
2. Implemented countermeasures for display with a high DPI display.
    By rewriting the manifest with ChangeMani.exe, it becomes possible to display reduced images with a high DPI display.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.21
1. In the case of CSV input, the output can be divided by the track number.
    It can be prohibited by the setting file ("SplitByTrack" in the [Option] section).
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.20
1. The output file name can be selected with a combo box.
    1) The date and time of the first data is used as the output file name.
    2) Use input file name for output file name.
    3) The output file name is defined by the user.
2. The width of output file name input form can be changed.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.19
1. The output file name can be specified arbitrarily ("Set the output file name" check box).
2. /N command line option added (Output file name can be set).
3. Changed the default font to Tahoma, size 8.
    Delete "NMEA2KMZ.ini" and run "NMEA2KMZ.exe", it will be applied.
4. The hint display contents were modified.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.18
1. The minimum value of "Moving distance" of "Reduce" option was changed to 0.001m.
2. Changed the initial display position of "Report" form to the center of the main form.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.18
1. The minimum value of "Moving distance" of "Reduce" option was changed to 0.001m.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.17
1. Improved handling direction icon processing.
    In the case of the same position, the previous traveling direction was maintained.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.16
1. Fixed a bug of countermeasures against time reversal at CSV reading.
2. Recognized CSV file with extension name ".txt".
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.15
1. Fixed a bug where the GPWPL sentence is ignored when entering NMEA.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.14
1. Supported free format of latitude and longitude format when inputting CSV.
2. Single input of GLL sentence is supported.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.13
1. The integer part of the latitude and longitude of the NMEA output sentence was changed to
    the fixed number of digits.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.12
1. Fixed a bug in which the progress direction icon in 3D mode becomes illegal depending on the viewpoint.
      Note) It does not follow the rotation of the map.
2. The check box in the reverse direction is displayed when the viewpoint is set to Auto setting in 3D mode.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.11
1. Fixed a bug when using direction indicator icon in KMZ,KML.
    Fixed the direction of the last traveling direction icon at the time of track division.
    Fixed an error that occurs when there is only one point.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.10
1. The direction of the last traveling direction icon is calculated from the immediately preceding angle change amount.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.09
1. Added a traveling direction icon to the point icon of KMZ, KML output.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.08
1. Added progress display to taskbar icon (Windows 7 and later).
2. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.2 Starter.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.07
1. GSIGEO 2011 Ver2 were supported.
2. The geoid model name in the geoid model selection pull down list can be specified in the setting file.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.06
1. A leap second of 2017/01/01, took a measure.
2. The character code of the configuration file was changed to Unicode (Does not change existing settings file).
3. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.1 Berlin.
4. The character code of the document was changed to UTF-8.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.05
1. Reduced the false detection of the MTK binary.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.04
1. Fixed processing of bug of GLRMC and GLGGA sentence.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.03
1. It was to be able to add the DOP and PDOP in CSV output.
2. Does not output the index of non-use in the CSV output.
3. You can add a GSA sentence to the NMEA output (to outputting a VDOP and PDOP data).
4. Add a group box of NMEA and GPX options for setting.
    URL of a document was corrected (June 14, 2016).
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.02
1. In the case of CSV input, ignored the line when latitude or longitude was a blank.
2. The bug of the NMEA data reading processing was corrected.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.01
1. The bug that the date display becomes illegal by the locale was corrected.
NMEA to KMZ Ver 3.00
1. Multi byte character can be used for the external icon file name of KMZ.
2. The leap second table to convert GPStime into UTC was added to the configuration file (for RTKLIB).
3. The bug that the error is caused in time "23:59:60" was corrected.
    The method of processing "23:59:60" can be specified by the configuration file.
4. The compiler was changed to Delphi XE8.