MTK Download Utility Ver 3.20 (1,353,181 bytes)
MD5: 932017ee34cf656f44ecfc6ad089c30a
Upload: Jan. 20, 2019
What New
1. Supported multiple displays.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.19
1. Enabled to correspond to reduced display on High DPI display by ChangeMani.exe.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.18
1. Improved serial port scan.
    In the case of no detection at the initial baud rate, rescan was performed from high speed to low speed.
    The maximum baud rate can be specified by "MaxBaud" in the [Option] section of the configuration file (default is 115200bps).
2. Increased the number of DropDownCount in the baud rate pulldown menu.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.17
1. Fixed a bug that LCD display is not updated when switching log mode (Overwrite/Stop) of Holux "M-241 Plus".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.16
1. Improved capability for binary format loggers.
    Speed uped downloading (eliminate unnecessary wait in loop).
    Fixed a bug that the last elapsed time does not display more than 60 minutes.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.15
1. Extended description for binary format logger in [GPS_Data] section of setting file.
    "Product Name" can be used for "GPS_ID".
    It was made possible to describe by firmware version.
    Added hexadecimal dump function to Aux1 to Aux4.
2. The height of "Track Select" form was made changeable by mouse drag.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.14
1. Supported Holux RCV-3000.
2. Supported Holux Holux M-241 Plus Ver1.04.
3. The log capacity of binary log format GPS was made to be definable in the setting file for each model.
4. The CRC mode of binary log format GPS can be specified in the setting file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.13
1. Fixed a bug in CRC error handling when downloading from "M-241 Plus".
2. The specification of the binary log format can be specified in the setting file.
    Users can flexibly handle variations in log format and data format.
3. In the case of binary log format, up to four user defined items can be added.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.12
1. M-241 Plus Ver1.03 was supported.
2. Added progress indication on task bar when downloading M-241 Plus.

M-241 Plus Ver 1.00 Usage Notes.
    Only tracks 1 to 32 can be downloaded (track 33 or higher can not be downloaded).
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.11
1. Improved support for "M-241 Plus".
    The remaining-time is displayed when downloading.
    Added track number display during downloading.
    When the latitude is other than ±90 degrees or longitude is other than ±180 degrees, the data is ignored.

M-241 Plus Ver 1.00 Usage Notes.
    If the track rollup occurs due to memory full or track full in Overwrite mode,
    the contents of all new log data after that will be incorrect.
    In this case please clear the log immediately after downloading the necessary data.
    * It is recommended to operate in Stop mode and track number 32 or less.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.10
1. Improved support for "M-241 Plus".
    Percentage display added to the display of the number of log points.
    Fixed a bug that caused deadlock when erasing logs.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.09
1. Supported Holux M-241 Plus.
2. The log file is forcibly overwritten when /A and /Q command line options are used.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.08
1. Exclude busy ports from the serial port list (do not check Bluetooth as response decreases).
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.07
1. The integer part of the latitude and longitude of the NMEA output sentence was changed to
    the fixed number of digits.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.06
1. Fixed enbug that "KML/KMZ" button is disabled (Ver3.04 and Ver3.05).
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.05
1. Fixed a bug that the date display of "UTC Date" of "NMEA data" becomes illegal depending on the region.
2. Fixed "1C30151C" of "FlashID 2MB" to "1C20151C".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.04
1. "1C30151C" was added to "FlashID2MB".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.03
1. Added progress display to taskbar icon (Windows 7 and later).
2. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.2 Starter.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.02
1. Supported HOLUX GR-241 (M-241 Japanese/English).
    GR-241 : Japanese/English
    M-241 : English/Deutsch/French/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.01
1. GSIGEO 2011 Ver2 were supported.
2. The geoid model name in the geoid model selection pull down list can be specified in the setting file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.00
1. A measure of a EOW problem was performed.
2. The character code of the configuration file was changed to Unicode (Does not change existing settings file).
3. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.1 Berlin.
4. The character code of the document was changed to UTF-8.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.07
1. Displays the "FriendlyName" by serial port selection.
    URL of a document was corrected (June 14, 2016).
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.06
1. The option that specified "Enable/Disable" of the log time check was added (TimeVerification).
2. Manual retouch.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.05
1. The port that did not exist in the port scan was not scanned.
2. 230400bps and 460800bps were added to the baud rate.
3. "LogDateOffset" was added to the [Option] section of the configuration file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.04
1. The bug to which Waypoint of the HOLUX logger was not recognized was corrected.
2. 230400bps and 460800bps were added to the baud rate.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.03
1. It re-synchronizes if there is "Dynamic setting pattern" near the occurrence of the checksum error.
2. It dealt with the lack of "Dynamic setting pattern" first part of the logger made by the HOLUX.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.02
1. The reject of data by consecutive "FF" was limited to M-241.
2. Even if "Serial Port" panel was opened while downloading it, download was not interrupted.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.01
1. SaveDialog was changed into the old type in order to prevent a hang-up.
MTK Download Utility Ver 2.00
1. Download processing of HOLUX M-241 has been improved.
    Processing in case "FF" continues in communication data was corrected.
2. It was made to ignore when data had an internal error (not interrupted).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.45
1. When there was Fail Sector, the bug to which the number of records is restricted was corrected.
2. Percent display of Fail Sector was added.
    URL of a document was corrected (June 14, 2016).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.44
1. Clear measures of "Log memory-full" were strengthened.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.43
1. The bug which cannot erase a log was corrected (Log is full-memory and "Recording Method" is "Stop").
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.42
1. "Geoid 2011 (Ver.1) in Japan" (gsigeo2011_ver1.asc) was supported.
2. The Galileo sentence was supported.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.41
1. When "NMEA setting" panel was selected, the content of the display was updated.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.40
1. The BDS(BeiDou Navigation Satellite System) sentence was supported.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.39
1. Changed the default of GSIGEO 2000 to "Japanese geoid 2,011+2,000"
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.38
1. When DPI on the display was changed, the layout was maintained
    (The adjustment of the fontsize is necessary).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.37
1. The command sending timing was corrected..
2. The zero of SNR were changed blank for the GPGSV sentence of the NMEA output.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.36
1. Log deletion timing was changed after log item change.
2. When PDOP or VDOP was contained in a log, the GPGSA sentence was added to the NMEA output.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.35
1. The baud rate was also searched by port scan.
2. The number of visible satellite bar graphs was made variable.
3. The Factory reset button was added.
4. BT-Q1300ST was supported.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.34
1. The bug that skips the log condition setting after the log data is deleted is corrected
    (When there is not a log count after the deletion in zero).
2. The log condition acquisition timing has been adjusted.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.33
1. The bug of the Auto Log check box display of 747ProS was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.32
1. 747ProS was supported.
2. It supported "GPS_ID = 01029-00E" of M-241.
3. The Versin display of Logger Status is corrected (Hex->Dec).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.31
1. Bug Fix of the AGPS transmission to Hanwha Pocket GPS S1 (PG-S1)
    (Log stop, GPS information non-indication).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.30
1. The NMAE baud rate of GPS was able to be changed.
2. When the serial port was opened, it switched to the NMEA mode automatically if it was a binary mode.
3. The baud rate was included in "Change UART Format Packet" command.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.29
1. It supported Holux M-1000C firmware Ver1.04 .
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.28
1. It supported Transystem i-Blue747ProS.
2. It corresponded to "Geoid 2000 in Japan Ver.5" of Geographical Survey Institute.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.27
1. The AGPS sending timing margin has been increased.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.26
1. It corresponded to AGPS of Hanwha Pocket GPS S1 (PG-S1).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.25
1. When the NMEA setting was made "Default", the period was set to one second.
2. NMEA period 100mS(10Hz) that can be set up.
3. The limitation of the NMEA output item was abolished.
4. The logger detection at the port scan was invalidated.
5. It corresponded to the HOLUX M-1000C Ver1.03 2010-04-13 edition.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.24
1. The bug for M-1000C Firmware Ver1.03 was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.23
1. It corresponded to M-1000C Firmware Ver1.03.
2. The size of the Custom geoid file was checked.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.22
1. It corresponded to the Custom geoid file.
2. The maximum lines of the NMEA sentence were able to be specified by the configuration file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.21
1. Division was enabled two items "Used/View" of the CSV output.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.20
1. It supported Holux GPSport 245 (YUPITERU ASG-1).
2. The calculation of the amount of memory of the Holux logger was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.19
1. Validated "/D" command-line option without "/A".
2. The insertion of an arbitrary character string was enabled the automatic generation file name.
3. Changed the initial setting of the log file name to local time.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.18
1. A command line option for the automation was added.
2. The method of selecting the output file type was changed.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.17
1. It supported Holux M-241 firmware Ver1.13.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.16
1. The transmission timing margin of the EPO file was enlarged.
2. It corresponds to the geoid model data of Geographical Survey Institute and
    National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).
    The geoid of the NMEA data was output corresponding to the latitude longitude.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.15
1. PhotoMate 887 and M-1000C were supported.
2. When the port was PROXY automatic setting and was 80 and 8080, it converted it into 21.
3. The display of UsedSat, Altitude and Geoid was added.
4. When the serial port was closed, it did not move to other screens.
5. When it was not a logger, neither download nor the log setting screen were opened.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.14
1.The bug to which M-241 Firmware V1.11 was not supported was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.13
1. Information on the GPS name etc. was made to be able to be specified by the configuration file
    (The user can add it).
2. The display of the BitMask value was added.
3. The function of the "Default" button of the "NMEA setting" was changed.
4. The GPS name was output to INDEX of the CSV file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.12
1. The RS-232C communication component was changed to CommX Ver1.06.
2. To deal with the serial driver who did not generate the receive event, event-driven and sensing
    were used together.
3. The display timing of "Record only Fix data." was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.11
1. It was corrected that the Flash ROM capacity wasn't indicated just after the serial port opening.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.10
1. The display of AGPS effective time was corrected.
2. The partial reading function of the EPO data of seven days or more was added.
3. The saving function of the EPO file was added.
4. The AGPS screen opening was prohibited while downloading Log.
5. The DGPS mode setting function was added.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.09
1. It was made to advance as follows without abort even when the download error occurred.
2. It was made not to abort even if the log was not able to stop.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.08
1. The command line specification and the drag & drop of the configuration file were enabled.
2. The AGPS transmission timing was corrected.
3. Non-text was not displayed in the sentence monitor display.
4. The position where the dialog box was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.07
1. The error display when the file was not found in the FTP server was corrected.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.06
1. Supported an AGPS setting function.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.05
1. Corrected that VDOP was replaced with HDOP by "NMEA data" indication
    (There is not the influence on output data).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.04
1. The number of digits below the decimal point in the Latitude/Longitude of the
    CSV and NMEA output was able to be specified.
2. The number of digits below the decimal point in the Altitude and Speed of the
    CSV and NMEA output were able to be changed by the configuration file.
3. Coordinated the size of the Form automatically.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.03
1. Rescue mode was added.
2. NMEA output was added (Geoid option was added).
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.02
1. Qstarz BT-Q1300 was supported.
2. The receiving break off number of errors was changed from five times of the
    total to five times in each sector.
3. When the locale was Japan, the font of default was changed to the MS Pgothic.
4. The hint display was added.
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.01
1. If NMEA2KMZ.EXE was starting, the file name was dropped.
2. After it had downloaded it, the change of the CSV output option was enabled.
3. The option of the CSV file output was added.
    1) "INDEX" is not output.
    2) Date and time are output to "TIME".
MTK Download Utility Ver 1.00
Log download and setting of MTK chipset GPS Logger.
Handling GPS: Transystem i-Blue747, i-Blue821, Qstarz BT-Q1000, HOLUX M-241