MTK Download Utility Ver 3.22 (1,353,363 bytes)
MD5: cc57d1e78591dd3ecbcc20649950b4d7
Upload: Apr. 25, 2019
What New
1. Fixed the bug that the file name passed to started NMEA2KMZ.exe is garbled.
2. Added check box to start/end NMEA2KMZ.exe automatically.
3. Changed the caption of "KML/KMZ" button to "KMZ/GPX".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.21
1. The Open/Save dialog is displayed in the center of the main form.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.20
1. Supported multiple displays.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.19
1. Enabled to correspond to reduced display on High DPI display by ChangeMani.exe.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.18
1. Improved serial port scan.
    In the case of no detection at the initial baud rate, rescan was performed from high speed to low speed.
    The maximum baud rate can be specified by "MaxBaud" in the [Option] section of the configuration file (default is 115200bps).
2. Increased the number of DropDownCount in the baud rate pulldown menu.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.17
1. Fixed a bug that LCD display is not updated when switching log mode (Overwrite/Stop) of Holux "M-241 Plus".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.16
1. Improved capability for binary format loggers.
    Speed uped downloading (eliminate unnecessary wait in loop).
    Fixed a bug that the last elapsed time does not display more than 60 minutes.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.15
1. Extended description for binary format logger in [GPS_Data] section of setting file.
    "Product Name" can be used for "GPS_ID".
    It was made possible to describe by firmware version.
    Added hexadecimal dump function to Aux1 to Aux4.
2. The height of "Track Select" form was made changeable by mouse drag.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.14
1. Supported Holux RCV-3000.
2. Supported Holux Holux M-241 Plus Ver1.04.
3. The log capacity of binary log format GPS was made to be definable in the setting file for each model.
4. The CRC mode of binary log format GPS can be specified in the setting file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.13
1. Fixed a bug in CRC error handling when downloading from "M-241 Plus".
2. The specification of the binary log format can be specified in the setting file.
    Users can flexibly handle variations in log format and data format.
3. In the case of binary log format, up to four user defined items can be added.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.12
1. M-241 Plus Ver1.03 was supported.
2. Added progress indication on task bar when downloading M-241 Plus.

M-241 Plus Ver 1.00 Usage Notes.
    Only tracks 1 to 32 can be downloaded (track 33 or higher can not be downloaded).
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.11
1. Improved support for "M-241 Plus".
    The remaining-time is displayed when downloading.
    Added track number display during downloading.
    When the latitude is other than ±90 degrees or longitude is other than ±180 degrees, the data is ignored.

M-241 Plus Ver 1.00 Usage Notes.
    If the track rollup occurs due to memory full or track full in Overwrite mode,
    the contents of all new log data after that will be incorrect.
    In this case please clear the log immediately after downloading the necessary data.
    * It is recommended to operate in Stop mode and track number 32 or less.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.10
1. Improved support for "M-241 Plus".
    Percentage display added to the display of the number of log points.
    Fixed a bug that caused deadlock when erasing logs.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.09
1. Supported Holux M-241 Plus.
2. The log file is forcibly overwritten when /A and /Q command line options are used.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.08
1. Exclude busy ports from the serial port list (do not check Bluetooth as response decreases).
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.07
1. The integer part of the latitude and longitude of the NMEA output sentence was changed to
    the fixed number of digits.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.06
1. Fixed enbug that "KML/KMZ" button is disabled (Ver3.04 and Ver3.05).
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.05
1. Fixed a bug that the date display of "UTC Date" of "NMEA data" becomes illegal depending on the region.
2. Fixed "1C30151C" of "FlashID 2MB" to "1C20151C".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.04
1. "1C30151C" was added to "FlashID2MB".
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.03
1. Added progress display to taskbar icon (Windows 7 and later).
2. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.2 Starter.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.02
1. Supported HOLUX GR-241 (M-241 Japanese/English).
    GR-241 : Japanese/English
    M-241 : English/Deutsch/French/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.01
1. GSIGEO 2011 Ver2 were supported.
2. The geoid model name in the geoid model selection pull down list can be specified in the setting file.
MTK Download Utility Ver 3.00
1. A measure of a EOW problem was performed.
2. The character code of the configuration file was changed to Unicode (Does not change existing settings file).
3. The compiler was changed to Delphi 10.1 Berlin.
4. The character code of the document was changed to UTF-8.