CO2 monitor Ver 1.05 (1,101,967 bytes)
MD5: 1d0f5278bfda1717ed2f943449e7cb90
Upload: May 18, 2021

What New
1. The time of occurrence is now displayed as a hint in the "Max:" and "Min:" displays of the Logging data form.
2. Changed so that TCP client reconnect will not be executed while Option setting form is displayed.
CO2 monitor Ver 1.04
1. Added a command line option to automatically save recorded data.
CO2 monitor Ver 1.03
1. Fixed a bug that the display position of "Min:" and "Vari:" in the Logging data form shifts when using a high DPI display.
CO2 monitor Ver 1.02
1. When "5ppm step over 1000ppm" is checked, if it exceeds 2000ppm, it is displayed in 10ppm step.
CO2 monitor Ver 1.01
1. Added display of maximum, minimum, average and maximum-minimum value to the log data form.
2. The CO2 value can be corrected (Specify the coefficient of the linear expression).
3. Added a message to be displayed when the number of connected sensors changes
    (can be disabled in the configuration file).
CO2 monitor Ver 1.00
Upload: Mar. 30, 2021