BL-1000ST utility Ver1.13 (3,263,564 bytes)
MD5: 53c952b3d1321ceb804d3150cd76a419
Upload: Sep. 2, 2023

What New
1. Abnormal termination countermeasures for FEP ON/OFF have been abolished.
2. 64-bit and 32-bit versions included.
The display size no longer changes due to monitor scaling(64bit).
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.12
1. Prevented the abnormal termination by FEP ON/OFF on Windows 11 version 22H2 Japanese version.
    This problem has been resolved by the following Windows Update.
    2022-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5020044)
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.11
1. The SSL library (ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll) for HTPPS access is no longer needed.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.10
1. The date error (date goes back 7 days) at the beginning of the first log of every Sunday (at UTC) is automatically corrected.
    Automatic modification can be disabled by setting the configuration file (Qutils.ini).
     Note: If non-fix continues immediately after power-on, no date error will be recorded in the log.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.09
1. The update recommendation dialog is now displayed when the firmware version is less than FWS0.01.04.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.08
1. Added warning when the size of downloaded AGPS file is small.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.07
1. Support for BL-1000ST firmware FWS0.00.94.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.06
1. When the number of selected files is excessive, the display of "Source file" is abbreviated
    (Display with " ..." added at the end).
2. Added warning when the number of selected files is excessive in the open dialog.
3. A warning dialog is displayed when the number of logs that can be added decreases.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.05
Added measures to the error "Could not load SSL library" to the manual.
1. Added check box for automatic start/end of NMEA2KMZ.exe.
2. Changed the EPO file download protocol to HTTP.
3. Added "bytes/sat." to the EPO file date report.
4. Changed "Clear" button to "Delete" to enable deletion of log data.
5. Added hint display (Display ON/OFF is possible by the setting file).
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.04
1. Enabled output of "Max SNR" and "GPS Quality".
2. The conversion can be aborted with the "Esc" key.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.03
1. Added display of free space of log memory.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.02
1. Records with RCR other than "T" or "B" are ignored.
BL-1000ST utility Ver1.01
1. Modified the display message.